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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Getting along without Deenah

It's Saturday now, a mere 5 days since we've been without Deenah and the place still feels so quiet.  The minis are okay but still not themselves I'd say - you can just tell!

Several times a day, I go out to do short clicker training sessions and since that's something we've been doing together for awhile now, it's familiar and fun for them.  I know I need to work them one at a time more than I do but right now, I don't want to separate them.  I may tie one nearby for ten minutes at a time though.

Since walking is our favorite thing to do, I feel I will eventually look for another donkey.  I'm a "softie" and I won't leave a donkey at home alone.  Taking two at the same time is really challenging, especially since there is a lot of traffic during summer.  At home within the paddocks, they are terrific at each walking beside me, but out on the road it's a different story!

Our Deenah has left a huge hole and the barn feels so empty, even with the minis (sorry minis!) Dorica has brayed a few times now - a good sign, I always think, but mostly they are quiet.  It's been very hot during the days but in the evening, we've manage to have a bit of a romp.  A good thing since both minis are too heavy.

I finished the testing for the proposed on-line course I mentioned several posts ago.  Operant Conditioning Behaviour Analysis through the Agricultural College of Nova Scotia. Soon I will post a discussion of what I learned during the session.

In the meantime, back to my studio, as I have an exhibition of new work opening soon!

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  1. Hope you're all doing ok it must be hard without Deenah. Plenty of 'mini time' is the best therapy :-)

    Good luck with the exhibition!