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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hardly time to blog!

Well, the days just seem to fly by right now!  I am a beta tester for a course on Operant Conditioning Behaviour Analysis and it's fun and interesting.  It also requires that I submit a number of videos so the good news is that my camera, tripod and I are becoming better acquainted!

I have an art exhibition at the end of July and am engrossed in a whole new body of work too, so many hours in my studio these days.

The garden is mostly planted, still a few late things to sow for fall and winter crops, lots of weeding - it's been very cool and showery though and I am worried about the heat-loving crops such a tomatoes, peppers, celery etc. They are looking quite miserable at the moment.

And then there's the donks of course!  I am on a mission to see if I can put more weight on Deenah.  She is terribly thin and I'm uncertain as to why.  The vet is coming on Sunday to do a blood test and see if anything is revealed (which she doubts.)  Perhaps Dee is just a thin old donk, but as I'll never know her age, she will always be 22 (ha ha!) to me.  Maybe she's more like 32, although I don't think so.

I take Deenah out to eat grass twice a day - once for a proper walk down (or up) the road and once just into a fallow paddock.  Then she gets 4 bowls per day of  hay cubes, some beet pulp and some soy bean hulls, all soaked of course with various supplements added.  She gets her hay plus an "extra" feeding or two of hay, separated from the minis.  But she doesn't appear to have gained an ounce.  Unlike the minis, who just have to see grass to inflate!  So it's a challenge to meet individual needs.

I am doing something or other clicker-training-wise every day, mostly with the minis and try to get them out for walks at least once a week if not more.

So I'm really just logging in to keep the blog alive and active.  I should post some pictures soon!

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