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Saturday, March 24, 2012

My old donkey

Deenah is old - I just have to face it!  I've had her since 2006 - found her in a muddy field and she 's been a wonderful, sweet soul - an auntie to Dorica and a friend to me.  I love Deenah with all my heart.  This winter has been hard on her and I've had to take a hard look at the possibility that she won't be around forever.  It's not her time yet - that I know. But she is aging and I'm seeing things change. 

The minis are not very nice to her - even Dorica, her buddy will sometimes, and with increasing frequency, turn on Dee and try to bite her in the butt.  Siog does this all the time!  While the minis will play together, Dee remains aloof and alone.  My heart goes out to her!

Dee seeks any ray of sunshine to warm her bones.  She has really felt the cold this winter.  I have a blanket for her and have, on occasion, warmed a bath towel in the dryer and put it on her also.  She needs frequent meals and has lost weight during winter. 

Sometimes I notice her standing with her neck kind of stretched out and low, as if she hasn't the strength to hold her head up.  But so far, she has always rallied.  She nickers whenever I appear (usually) and I take this as a good sign.  Donkeys are very quiet if they are not feeling well.  Her appetite is great, manure consistent
and once in awhile, she'll trot instead of her usual shamble.

I remain watchful and vigilant to her needs.  I have tried some homeopathic remedies and some herbs (after all she's a herbivore) I tend to her skin ailments which seems to plague her in wintertime.  Tomorrow the vet will come for a check-up.

My sweet Dee ....


  1. I hope you find what works for Deenah. She sounds like a wonder person.

  2. Poor Dee, there is little dignity in ageing but donkeys do it with such grace, they become even more wise. May her twilight days but bathed in sunshine, you give her the most important thing she needs now which is love. Stay well Dee x

  3. She is such a beautiful old soul. Hoping the sun comes out for and stays around...heating up her old bones.