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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clicker Expo

Just back from Clicker Expo - a three-day symposium filled with lectures, discussions and demos on the subject of positive reinforcement operant conditioning training.

Each day, concurrent sessions are devoted to topics such as Smart Reinforcement, The Power of Cues, Shaping Behaviour, Chains; Scientifically Explored, etc. etc.  The faculty are amoung the top trainers in the world, from aquariums, zoos, police forces, shelters, and working with every animal imaginable - including marine mammals, horses, cats, llamas, exotic animals and of course, dogs.

My head is spinning!  Four hundred and sixty people registered not including the faculty - and how incredibly wonderful to spend the weekend with people who are devoted to positive reinforcement ... they are all NICE!!

So ... how to process it all - I intend to write a blog post for every lecture that I attended, to explain what I learned and also how I will apply it to my own donkey training.  Right now, I must take the donkeys out for a stroll, one at a time, they haven't been out for over a week while I was away.  back soon ....

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading about the lectures and how it all works. Welcome home.