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Monday, October 31, 2011

Slow Feeder hay nets


Here is Siog with her new slow feeder hay net from Purely Ponies:  www.purelyponies.com
It has 1 inch holes and I have hung it from a piece of sisal baling twine from the fence, trying to keep it low so her head is not raised while she is eating.  I have just introduced these hay nets - the idea is that the donkeys eat more slowly, consume less hay and fill their tummies thereby reducing stress, ulcers and boredom!

During this "introduction" period, I also offer free choice hay so the donkeys don't get frustrated as they learn to eat from the hay bags.  The bags can be moved anywhere - I have not left them overnight yet as I want to be absolutely SURE that they can't get tangled.  So far so good!


Dorica too!

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