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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great progress today on leading training with Siog

Back to kindergarten for Siog and lead training ... baby steps and a high rate of reinforcement.
Today I took her on a long walk - about 2 hours - and carried my small click stick with me.
It really worked to have the target stick to focus her and she only stalled once, which is not bad.

She threatened to get stuck a few times on the way back which was uphill for the first half of the walk, but I found she responded well to the target stick.  Much better to this than my outstretched hand.

But I know I should be working a bit every day in the paddock or a small space, however the days are filled to the brim with so many Fall tasks like stacking firewood, picking plums, apples, tomatoes, etc.  A walk out with a donkey is a real treat!

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