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Monday, July 11, 2011

Out of the blog-o-sphere, comes a traveler!

Just had a wonderful meeting with a stranger who loves donkeys!  Mitsue has started her own blog called The Curious Donkey, but since it's new, she hasn't fallen into a blogging routine and forgot the address.  When she Googled it, she also found this blog and got in touch.

It turned out she was able to make a trip to the island to visit us and it was a fortunate encounter for both of us, I think!  She is an avid photographer and took over 500 pictures of the donkeys.  We got out most of our gear - cones, balls and other stuff and had a delightful evening showing Mitsue what we could do.

All three donkeys were so engaged and seemed energized by her visit and eager to jump over logs, trot, stand on stumps and mats and chase the big exercise ball.  It was a lot of fun, great company and I was so proud of all three donkeys! I hope to post some of Mitsue's photos later in the summer.

Thank you blog for bringing this traveler to us! A wonderful connection was made and our world was enlarged.

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