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Friday, June 24, 2011

Rainy Day reflections ...

End of June and it's pouring - personally I love summer rain - it makes me less concerned about the garden and the water table.  I just booted the three donkeys off of their afternoon grass patch before the downfall.  They have taken cover under a grove of trees and I retreated to the house.

Dorica is starting to look like the Good Year Blimp - worrisome and something to watch - they get so little grass but it shows on her especially fast.  She just turned 13 and her figure has become matronly. A thirty minute walk uphill everyday would help a lot but I still struggle with Deenah's extraordinary separation anxiety and tend to give in to her stress instead of pushing her to accept Dorrie's temporary absence.  It's a problem as I'd love to do more off the property with Dorica.

As I type the sun is pushing through the rains clouds.  Perhaps I'll manage a walk after all. The 3 donkeys have yet to completely shed their winter hair but it's coming out by the handful and they appreciate my "fur-buster" grooming tool and shedding blade.  As this will be Siog's first summer here, it will be fun to see her looking sleek - they really do look amazingly different winter to summer, their coat even changes in colour and hue.

I have been seriously considering adding to the herd and taking on a 4th donkey.  The dynamic of three means that someone is always on her own and it would be good to see them pair up. However I am taking it very slowly ... time, expense and responsibility are all considerations.

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