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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Clicker Training Clinic, May 2011

   Here I am saying hello to Blossom the white donkey and Flower the mule.

Alexandra Kurland is showing me how to use body language to invite them to follow my hand target down the fence line.  We are working on either side of the fence because these rescued animals are still very wary of people and feel most comfortable knowing they can leave if they choose to.  We don't want to rush things by making them feel confined or pushed as this will reinforce the poisoned behaviour they have been subjected to, which has made them fearful.  Most probably they have been severely punished in the past.  It will take a long time to regain their trust, although it looks as though they really want to be friends!

I am inviting Blossom to follow my outstretched hand and the direction that my feet are pointing to walk along the fence line.  Because we don't know each other and to keep her feeling comfortable and not crowded, I am staying a few feet away.  Notice how she is watching me and is very responsive!

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