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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gorgeous Clicker Training work with a mule

I have to post a link to this new video by trainer Sola Wolff.  Here she is working with her mule Umber,
doing in-hand dressage work.  It's really, really beautiful soft, fluid work with a strong partnership between human and animal. Watch this video for a lovely treat and inspiration!


I aspire to creating this kind of partnership with my animals and clicker training can be a way to get there.
I think Dorica has the potential to be a real clicker star! She has the softness to her movements, the attention span and the willingness.

Took some video footage when I was working with her the other day but unfortunately we walked out of the frame too many times to make it worth posting.  I'll have to ask someone to hold the camera rather than set it up on a fence post!

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