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Friday, December 3, 2010


As a gardener and donkey owner, the "weather" is always a topic of concern (more than it should be, probably!) and while winter weather can mean a much needed rest from the vegetable garden, it can also mean that donkeys might be confined to the barn, having hoof or skin problems (Deenah) or at the very least,
standing for long hours in darkness.

I don't know how donkey and horse owners get through winter in cold climates!  I would go nuts with months of snow, ice and freezing temperatures.  Here on the coast, at least we can expect winter to be short.

Summer can be as challenging as winter can be, in my opinion.  Hot, dry days, parched ground, water shortages, biting flies, the threat of West Nile Virus ... ugh!  Add to that lots of traffic on the roads, loud
motorcycles and silent bicycles suddenly wooshing by to scare a donkey out on a walk!

This year, winter has been easy so far.  We had a week or so of very cold temps, then snow but now it's a balmy 6 degrees with some dry days in between rain.  Who knows hos long that will last!  So with gardening projects on the top shelf for a few months, these are perfect days to hit the trails with the donkeys.

With Siog being new to the herd, she's the one I've been taking out most often.  Remember what I said about Deenah being fine left with Siog if Dorica leaves ... not so!  That one time seemed an exception for poor Dee - the next time Dorica went for a stroll, Dee was her same old upset self.

Today I'll take Deenah out for a bit and see how the minis do without her.

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