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Friday, December 10, 2010

Beginning packing

Out with Dorica to pick up some groceries from a neighbour today.  I put on her new pack saddle pad
and then a set of saddle bags on top.  Held this together with a girth attached to the top of the saddle bags with a couple of pieces of leather belts.  It was pretty makeshift and I had to keep watching that the whole thing didn't slip or shift.

Dorica was a trooper and seemed really proud of herself!  Once at the neighbour's, I loaded exactly 5 lbs in each saddle bag and off we went home.  She stepped out so nicely and didn't seem to mind the load.

Close to home, three dogs rushed down their driveway towards us.  It was a bit scary but Dorica turned to face them and gave a loud bray right in their faces.  That did it and they all turned tail and rushed back home!

You might notice in this picture that the girth has worked it's way to just behind Dorrie's back legs and the saddle bags and pad are too far back.  As we walked through the narrow gate when we arrived home, Dorrie forgot that she was now a "wide load" and her saddle bag knocked against the side of the fence and the whole thing slid back!  I unloaded her and grabbed my camera for a shot, but I'll have to work on a better system for her as this seems too precarious ... but it sure was fun!

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