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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Training notes, June 9

I have been working every day for the past week or so with at least two donkeys.  Got myself a binder with an index too and have started to write down my notes about each facet of the work with entries for each donkey.
The benefits of having a plan and keeping notes was really emphasized at Clicker Expo ... good trainers develop goals and work backwards, breaking training down into small steps and building towards the goal - which by the way, could take a long time!

With Ringo, I feel I have created some tension and insecurity between us - I have lacked confidence around him and so have been jumpy and reactive.  My mistrust in him creates his mistrust in me - I hope to undo this pattern and the only way, I feel is with dedicated, consistent work.   Every day!  At least a few minutes spend on mat work or something!

If I can spend this summer working every day and making notes, I KNOW we will both benefit hugely.  I can already feel the difference!

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