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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Donkey vertigo

Today I took Dorica along a trail on our land.  It bordered a steep drop-off into deep forest and at that point, she reused to walk!  I have seen this in her before - it seems she is afraid of heights!  No amount of coaxing could make her advance - typical donkey thing!  And unfortunately, a trait they become known for.

After asking her to target my hand, clicking and treating her several times for any tiny step forward, I decided to let her go back the way we had come and walk around so that we approached the trail from the opposite direction.  Short trail.

Same thing happened but eventually (it took awhile and patience!) I was able to lead her through.
Tomorrow I will take the same route and see if she is more confident.

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  1. And ... the next day, I took her through the little trail again, this time she didn't even hesitate! Ah ... donkeys!