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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Annual Vaccinations

I considered skipping vaccinations this year ... after all, tetanus lasts fro 10 years in people so why the need to do it annually for the donkeys?  But three vets that I spoke with were adamant about both tetanus and West Nile every year so I decided to go ahead.

Since I needed the vet out for Ringo's hoof, she did the tetanus shot for everybody then and returned 1 week later to do West Nile.  Usually we don't have the luxury of spacing the shots out like that although I'd really prefer to do that - it's so much better for the donkeys.

Tetanus shots went fine - Ringo was concentrating on his sore foot and didn't try to bolt.  But a week later, his foot was better and we had a hard time getting him to stand for the next shot, even with G blocking his view of the needle.  Dorrie was also scared and jumped around a bit.

Unfortunately Ringo had, what I would call a bad reaction to West Nile - a very large, hot welt on his neck for about 4 days and he looked miserable and couldn't turn his neck in 1 direction.  Donkeys tend to get very quiet when they aren't feeling well and when I didn't hear him bray first thing in the mornings, I was worried.  They were given the Fort Dodge vaccine and luckily not the Prevenile, which has been recalled! 

Put him on Apis 200 twice a day until I could see the welt recede - about 3 days.  Dorica had a small bump so she got a dose of Apis also, Deenah was fine.  She stands so quietly for shots.

Next year I will reconsider giving West Nile.

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh, I'm very excited to find your blog!
    You might be my kindred spirit, for I, too, am a donkey girl - completely, wholly and unconditionally!

    I just recently vaccinated my donkey boys (equine 5-way and WestNile) and didn't even consider the possibility of a bad reaction!
    What a scary thing - I'm glad that your Ringo is ok.

    I can't wait to read some of your other entries! Bye for now -danni