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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring already!

The birds are waking me up even before Ringo sounds the bellows at around 6:45 am.  Sadly, no longer a rooster to join in the welcoming of Spring.  It's gorgeous here and I have finally got control of my JVS Everio video camera so should be able to document some training sessions.

Maureen was here last week - she is clicker training her donkey Fitz and we hope to work together once or twice a month.  I attached the camera to the little "Lego-like" tripod that you can warp around a fence post and set up the orange plastic cones for a review session of Why Would You Leave Me (see Alexandra Kurland's web site and DVDs)

Ringo did excellent work while Deenah & Dorica stood patiently tied to fence posts.  I should be able to upload some footage to YouTube, although I am still getting accustomed to the camera's range and so am deleting many clips that are empty of donkeys or people!

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