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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vet visit

A wonderful new equine vet has moved to the area and came to see the donkeys a few days ago.

Deenah needed her teeth floated which means that the sharp points that develop along the sides get rasped off.  She was sedated for this procedure.  The vet felt Deenah is underweight so I have begun to increase her rations and will now add 1/4 cup ground flax and a tablespoon of rice bran oil to the mix.  I'll also give gher a bowl of soaked hay cubes every morning with her hay.

And thank goodness for hay cubes!  The dental procedure makes it difficult for the donkeys to chew for a few days - hay cubes to the rescue!  They can be softened and are full of good quality hay with added vitamins and some beet pulp.

Ringo has some sort of skin infection along his mane.  Cortisone cream has been recommended and I'll start that today.

Dorica is her sweet perfect self!  Everyone will need tetanus and West Nile virus vaccinations in a month or two.

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